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We Buy Gold

Title: We Buy Gold

Photographer/s: Nikki Johnson

Date of publication: May 2013

Place of publication: New York, NY

Dimensions: 12″ x 12″

Edition size: Open

Type of binding: Stitch bound

Type of paper: 157gsm acid free paper

Number of pages: 60

Type of printing: full color printing

Number of pictures: 55

Printer: Artscow

Publisher: Maekask Editions

Designer: Nikki Johnson

Editor: Nikki Johnson

Language: English

ISBN: 9780983050544

Category: Fine art / Street Photography

Price: $84.00

Summary: “We Buy Gold” is a collection of exotic portraits, landscapes, and still-life images that embody urban collisions, coded objects, and social explosions.

$ $84.00

Nikki Johnson, photographer + social explorer

New York-based photographer—Nikki Johnson's work is a combo of portraiture and self-portraiture and an ongoing series of documentary images from around the world.
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