Nikki Johnson 


Web site: 

"Disturbing and moving." - Holland Cotter, The New York Times


1995-1998 Master of Fine Arts in Photography, Rochester Institute of Technology, Rochester, NY

1990-1994 Bachelor of Fine Arts, Mississippi University for Women, Columbus, MS 


2014 - "Single Subject: Retrospective Box Set" - Maekask Editions

2013 - "We Buy Gold" - Maekask Editions

2010 - "Natural History" - Maekask Editions


2014 - Present “Death Under Glass”   photographic Art  and education series with Dr. Marianne Hamel

Solo Exhibitions: 

2015 - "Unseen" - , NY

2014 - "Photographer Nikki Johnson @ Pyramid" - New York, NY

2008 - "Femme Fatale" - Lava Gina, New York, NY

2003 - "Idolatry" - Gathering of the Tribes Gallery, New York, NY

2002 - "Your Future in Your Dreams: Photographs by Nikki Johnson", Brecht Forum, NYC

"Interiors - 125 West 42nd St., presented by Windows on 42nd St., NYC 

1999 - "Novelty" - Art Library Gallery, University of Rochester, Rochester, NY 

            "Tourist Journey" Alumni Gallery, Rochester Institute of Technology 

1997 - "Novelty" - RIT (MFA Thesis Exhibition) 

1994 - "Fant Library Anniversary Exhibition" - Mississippi University for Women 

Group and Two-Person Exhibitions:

2020 - #ICP Concerned Global Images for Global Crisis - International Center of Photography

           “We’ve Got The Numbers” - Songs for Presidents Gallery (canceled due to Covid)

2019 - “Visual AiDS” – Bortolami, NYC

2018 - “The Set NYC: Fashion Week SS, Chelsea, NYC

           “Under the Rainbow” – Galleria Faroarte Marina of Ravenna, Ravenna, Italy

“American Splendour” – Ilon Gallery, NYC

2017 - “The Unflinching Gaze: Photo Media and the Male Figure” - Bathurst Regional Art Gallery,

                  Bathurst, AU

“Noir”:Defining the Melodrama” – Longwood Gallery at Hostos, Bronx, NY

2016 - “Seities & Selves” – Darkroom Gallery, Essex Jct., VT

2015 - “Death Under Glass” - collaboration with Dr. Marianne Hamel, Bart’s Museum, London England

           “Postcards From the Edge – Luhring Augustine, NYC

2014 - “Shrimp” – Norton Arts Center, Savannah Georgia 

           “Death Under Glass” - collaboration with Dr. Marianne Hamel, Mutter Museum, Philadelphia PA

2013 - “Cell Mates” - Walsh Gallery at Seton Hall University, South Orange, New Jersey

2012 - “Pool Art Fair” - Pink gallery, Flatiron Hotel, New York, NY

           “Occupy Tribes Now” Tribes Gallery, New York, NY

2011 - “PHOTOBOOK!!2011” - Davis Orton Gallery, Hudson, NY

           “Eat Me: The Tasty Art of Food Photography”- 1650 Gallery, Los Angeles, CA

          “The Dark Side: Night Photography”1650 Gallery, Los Angeles CA

DOOR Art Fair, Pink Gallery, Seoul Korea

Pink Art Fair Seoul: PAFS” Intercontinental Seoul COEX, Seoul Korea

           “Fall Art Salon” - Greenpoint Gallery, Brooklyn, NY

           “A True Story “- Vermont Photo Space Gallery 

           “Fashioning Photography “- Vermont Photo Space Gallery 

2010 - "A Book About Death" - NYC

           "A Book About Death" - MOMA Wales

           "Visions of Horror" – LDR Gallery, Bronx, New York 

           "Open Ground” - Fountain Art Fair, New York, NY 

           "Creon Gallery” - Fountain Art Fair, New York, NY

           "The Self-Portrait Project” Exhibition by Art House Coop, Brooklyn Art Library, Brooklyn 

           "A Book About Death/ Um Livro Sobre a Morte" - Museu Brasileiro da Escultura, Sao Paulo  

"A Million Little Pictures: Documentary” - 111 Minna Gallery, San Francisco, CA

2009 - "A Book About Death" - The Emily Harvey Foundation Gallery, New York, NY

           "Exposed" - Creon Gallery, New York, NY

           "Slow News International" - The Arts at Marks Garage, Honolulu, Hawaii

           "A Million Little Pictures: Documentary” - Art House Co-op Gallery, Atlanta Georgia

           "Suspension of Disbelief: A Digital Photography ExhibitionSalena gallery, L.I. University

"Visual AIDS, Postcards from the Edge” Benefit Exhibition, Metro Pictures Gallery

"Bridge Art Fair: BROADTHINKING” - New York, NY

           "Back to the Wall” - Tribes Gallery

           "Lettres Et Images, 5 rue de Mandavi, Gradignan, France 

           "Broadthinking’s Slow News International" - The ARTS at Marks Garage, Honolulu, Hawaii

           "The Sketchbook Project” - Art House Co-op Gallery: Atlanta Georgia, 3rd Ward Gallery:    

                 Brooklyn, NY, Soulard Art Market: St. Louis, MO, Chris' Jazz Café,      

                 Philadelphia, PA, Laconia Gallery, Boston, MA, Antena Gallery: Chicago, IL 

           "The Sketchbook Project” - Museum of Contemporary Art, Washington, DC, 

                 Museum of Design:  Atlanta, Georgia

           "Mini Mini: A 4x4 Art Show” Push Gallery, Phoenix AZ, Cartel Gallery, Tempe AZ,  

                 Conspire Gallery, Phoenix AZ 

           "Mississippi University for Women 2009 Alumni Invitational" – MUW, Columbus Mississippi 

2008 - "Bridge Art Fair: BROADTHINKING" - Miami, Florida

           "Fountain Art fair: Open Ground Miami" - Miami, Florida

           "Lower East Side Exhibition" Musée de Monoian, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

"THE LAST BOOK", The National Library of Argentina, BUENOS AIRES, ARGENTINA

           "URBAN SPACE 08 Projection Series" - New Life Berlin Art Festival, Germany

"Baltimore Erotic Art Festival: On the Edge" LOAD OF FUN Art Space, Baltimore MD

"GODdess" Agni Gallery, New York, NY”

"Strike a Pose" - Leslie/Lohman Gallery, New York, NY

"CPS 22” - Central Park South #22, New York, NY

"Broadthinking" - ABC No Rio, New York, NY

"Clothesline Benefit Art Sale- ABC No Rio

             "Adult Drawing" CoZM Gallery, NYC

2007 - "Pool Art Fair"Cavalier Hotel, Miami, Florida

            "USER - Robyn Desposito and Nikki Johnson"- Tribes Gallery, NYC

             "Open Ground Classic - Bushwick Open Studios & Arts Festival” - 106 Central Ave, Brooklyn

             "NEW ‘07 Celebrating Ten Years of Nurturing the Edge”- Cue Art Foundation

            "We are all photographers now!" - Musée de l'Elysée, Lausanne, Switzerland

             “Watch the Roux: Keeping an Eye on New Orleans” - Red Square, Burlington, VT

             “Watch the Roux: Keeping an Eye on New Orleans” - La Vagina, NYC

2006 "The Art of Horror“- Altered Esthetics Gallery - Minneapolis, MN

          “Michele Capozzi Presents Pornology New York” - Chrystie Street Gallery

          “Pay to Play, Black Floor Gallery, Philadelphia, PA

          “This will Never Work: New Work by Robyn Desposito and Nikki Johnson”- Tribes Gallery     

          “Visual AIDS, Postcards from the Edge” Benefit Exhibition

          “The Harlem Art Project” - Saatchi and Saatchi, NYC 

“Sex and Death and Rock n’ Bones”, CBGB’s 313 Gallery

           “Wish You Were Here” - AIR Gallery, New York, NY

           “Nurturing the Edge” - NURTUREart Gallery, Brooklyn, NY

           “Generations V” - AIR Gallery, New York, NY

2005 - "Mortuary Squad: Viewer Discretion Advised", Christie Street Galley, NYC" 

          "Square Foot Show" Artgotham Gallery 

          "Visual AIDS" - Galerie Lelong, NYC 

          "Charlie Parker Exhibition", Tribes Gallery 

           "Wish You Were Here" AIR Gallery, New York, NY

           "Tribes Art Auction" - A Gathering of the Tribes Gallery, NYC

2004 - "Threat" - A Gathering of the Tribes Gallery, New York, NY

           "Ascent" - Local Project, Long Island City, NY 

           "Generations 04" - AIR Gallery, NYC 

2003 - "The Harlem Art Project Exhibition and Auction" - Saatchi and Saatchi, NYC 

           "Visual AIDS" - Galerie Lelong, NYC 

           "Version 9.0 of Violence Online Festival" - MAD'03, Festival for Electronic Art, Madrid, Spain 

           "Collision Machine" – D & S Knitwear, Brooklyn    

           "Night of 1,000 Drawings"- Artists Space, NYC 

           "Birds of a Feather: Chalie Parker Festival Exhibition - A Gathering of the Tribes Gallery 

           "September 11 th Photo Project" - New York Public Library, 42 nd St. Branch

            "Howl! Art Auction and Benefit" - Angel Orensanz Church, NYC 

            "Art Around the Park 2003 " - Tompkins Square Park, NYC 

            "Howl! Festival Exhibition" - Fusion Arts Museum, NYC 

               "Art for Street's Sake Art presents: The Art and Performance Picnic" - La Plaza Cultural, NYC 

            "Girly: An Experiment in Exquisite Curating" - Naked Duck Gallery, Brooklyn, NY 

            "Wish You Were Here, Too" - AIR Gallery, NYC 

2002 -”Night of 1,000 Drawings"- Artists Space, NYC 

            "Beautiful & Terrible"- Southpaw, Brooklyn, NYC 

            "Version 2.0 of Violence Online Festival" - Computer Space Festival, Sofia, Bulgaria 

            "Version 2.0 of Violence Online Festival" - Liberarti Festival, Liverpool Biennale, England 

            "Nightlife"- Freight, NYC 

            "Spitfest"- La Plaza Cultural Community Park, NYC 

            "Wish You Were Here!” - A.I.R. Gallery, NYC 

            "Colored White Women"- Bullet Space, NYC 

            "Frames From the Edge" - Nikki Johnson & Michelle ElmoreMississippi University for Women 

            "Facing Herself" - Creative Alliance, Baltimore MD 

            "Generations III" - A.I.R. Gallery, New York City 

            "REACTIONS" - Exit Art, New York, NY 

            "Body in Motion, Bedlam in Mind" - Galapagos, Brooklyn NY 

2001 - "Dia Del Arte Correo / Mail Art Day" sponsored by Vortice Argentina, Buenos Aires 

            "Push the Envelope II" - Kansas City Artists Coalition, Kansas City 

            "Maps" - Four Corners, NYC 

            "Here is New York: A Democracy of Photographs" - 116 Prince St., NYC 

            "The September 11 Photo Project" - 29 Wooster St., NYC 

            "From the Ashes" - Cuando 9, NYC 

            "A Night of Peace" - Catch 22 Gallery, NYC 

            "FACINGFACES" - Ciudad Jurez, Chih. Mexico 

            "First Fridays Art Walk   " - The Skinny Gallery, Portland, ME

            "Spitfest 2001" - La Plaza Cultural, NYC 

            "Boobs in Babeland"- Toys in Babeland, NYC 

   "Tributary Exhibition & Benefit Auction" -   A.I.R. Gallery, NYC

            "Mississippi University for Women Homecoming Exhibition, Columbus, MS 

            "Member's Slide Show" - The Exhibitionists & JUMP Arts, Brecht Forum, NYC 

2000 - "Biennale d'Arte Fotografica del Mediterraneo 2000" online exhibition, curated by 

               The Mediterranean Foundation for Art, Cagliari, Italy   

            "Memorial Day" - The Pink Pony, New York, NY 

            "Shadows and Dreams"- Rosenthal Gallery, Fayetteville State University, Fayetteville NC

            "Phone Book" / "The Doll Leg Show" series shown @ X Off Gallery, New York, NY


Nikki Johnson, photographer + social explorer

New York-based photographer Nikki Johnson's work is a combo of portraiture and self-portraiture and an ongoing series of documentary images from around the world.
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